DEVON, a gay widower, is tasked with his partner, STEPHEN’s dying wish, to have his ashes spread on his hometown beach in the company of the family that had disowned him long before. Far away from his own supportive family and friends, DEVON does not receive the reply that his Husband had hoped for, and he faces saying a final goodbye alone. Until a single guest arrives at the last moment.

Macon Film Festival Laurel Official Selection 2016

The Reformation Project

Shannon Beeby and Producer James Oxford locating scouting on Fire Island

Lance R. Marshall and Ryan Jonze location scouting on Fire Island

The entire RSVP production team readying for the opening shot of the film

Director of Photography, Saro Varjebedian adjusting lenses

The RSVP team preparing the set on the beaches of East Hampton

Shannon Beeby with Aiden Schultz-Meyer pulling remote focus